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    CES Inglés

    You and us: We help you transform your communication realities in English.

    CES Skills
    The CES Skills combined learning solutions offer a comprehensive and transformative, standards-based training, through hands-on activities and simulation software, through easy-to-access online study plans.
    CES Leaderment

    We collaborate with companies in the management of achieving greater efficiency in their processes, areas and performance of their work teams, positively affecting their outcome in today and tomorrow, through the individual and collective mobilization of their mindset.



    Know and achieve, through objective relationships between you and us, the construction of trust environments.


    Moving forward in the above, we can collectively know and interpret unresolved needs.


    Design and structure the necessary processes that support the development of agreed solutions. Sustained in the CES culture.


    Comply 100% with the agreements and accompany the processes according to each approved proposal, which —in addition to our 3D strategy— the CES service and culture allow you and your organization to see us as your permanent strategic allies.

    Support the transformation of the environments and realities of our clients and their respective clients, through a relationship based on trust, which allows us to recognize, design and deliver solutions, according to their needs, and the profitability of both the client and ours. All supported in our CES culture.


    Launch CODERZ

    CoderZ is an online learning environment, where Students from all over the world learn STEM, coding 3D virtual robots.

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