How do we learn in an environment where technology changes so rapidly?

How do we engage students who are digitally savvy?

How do we prepare students for the future?

STEM – Learning by Doing

  • Computational thinking skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaboration
  • Multi-disciplinary / Inter-disciplinary

Focusing on ROBOTS – Why?

  • Captivate the imagination of students
  • Promote 21st century skills
  • Interdisciplinary by nature
  • Relates to real world applied technologies

The Challenge

Today’s Challenge The Reality
Hardware is expensive 5 or even 8 students will share one robot kit so many or left out disengaged
Limited time in classroom 40-45 minutes net to learn robotics
Hard to train robotics teachers Teachers have to master both the software, the hardware, the connectivity, as well as the underlying principles and curriculum.
Not Measurable Difficult to measure outcomes since lack of hardware and resources
Coding Are robotics programs teaching our students how to code?

CoderZ Bringing STEM To All Students

CoderZ Is An Online Learning Environment Where Students Worldwide Learn STEM By Coding Virtual 3D Robots

CoderZ – Overcoming the Challenge

Today’s Challenge The CoderZ Solution
Only 1% of students get to learn with robots. Accessible to all
Hardware is expensive No hardware needed
Hard to train teachers We provide teachers with all the tools they need
Measurable Now measurable and comparable

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