English Language Level Check en CES Inglés

En CES SAS hablamos en este artículo sobre ¿Cómo conocer el nivel de inglés en pocos minutos?

Common problems with some Level Check Tests:

      • Must be conducted face-to-face
      • Take a long time
      • Need multiple versions of each test so learners can do tests more than once
      • Difficult to assess writing and speaking levels
      • Need to prepare different tests to match various official language exams


How do we solve? (¿Cuál es la mejor forma de conocer nivel de inglés?)

Level Lingo API is the one and only, which can interconnect every learner and every business. The ‘InBody Technology’ of Language Education.

Just like InBody Technology, Level Lingo assesses test takers’ language proficiency from top to bottom.

  • Level Lingo’s assessment includes following.
  • Result Level
  • Level for each section + Lexile range <for Junior English>
  • Comparison with Worldwide/National/In-house Average
  • Automatized custom feedbacks
  • Your Product(Course) Recommendations
  • My answers, my response, & test answers
  • You can ALSO CUSTOMIZE the results page

Regarding LANGUAGE LEARNING, storytelling and reading have always provided authentic contexts for such a process. The study of linguistic characteristics in our mother tongue is vital to develop languages. In addition to vocabulary, grammar, and stylistic characteristics, stories and literature enhance the development of comprehension, as well as reading skills.

More info and implementations: info@cesingles.com 

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