Teach and Learn English with a Library of INTERACTIVE BOOKS

As a Magical English readers experience for kids, BOOKR is the ultimate tool to teach and improve English language learning: an easy-to-use gamified library application for students, coupled with a teacher’s dashboard displaying real-time statistics.

An all-in-one solution in CES Ingles.

Why Learn English as Second Language (ESL)

Children Learn Languages Easily

  • Early childhood and primary school ages represent the ideal time to introduce a new language to a child(1)
  • Exposing children to a foreign language young allows them to optimize their learning potential, helping to shape the brain at its most flexible stage
  • Young children are uniquely suited to learning a foreign language
  • Learning a foreign language at a young age is cognitively as easy as learning a first language.


(1)(Elsevier Procedia “Foreign Language Learning During Childhood” citing research by prof. C. Bloch

Users from K-12 can navigate between 6 levels and access more than 1000+ educational books, games, flashcards and activities. Master English with the ideal tool!


Our student management area allows teachers to refer interactive books to their pupils, assign homework and examine data about their performance in and outside of the classroom.

All the titles are designed to establish children’s reading, writing, listening and communication skills. By playing the additional educational games as well as doing the extra exercises and quizzes, they can practise grammar and test their comprehension.

Engaging Content Designed by ESL Experts

Compiled by English as a Second Language teachers, experts on children’s literature and academics, the BOOKR Class library offers titles arranged on six levels based on CEFR guidelines. Classics and modern favourites of world literature, nursery rhymes, songs, unique stories by our in-house authors, as well as additional materials on civilisation and cultural insights, flashcards and fun activities provide an engaging teaching and learning experience.

Learn more: BOOKR Class Intro 2021 – CES Ingles

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